Sunday, April 17, 2011

Toyota Grand Prix

The Toyota Grand Prix is the single largest event in Long Beach.  It is an open-wheel race held on a street circuit downtown in the Pike and is apart of the Izod IndyCar Series. The Izod race is the main event however there are a ton of other events spanning 3 days.  Friday is the fun day which features the celebrity race practice and qualifying race.  There is also a night concert and a charity ball after the racing is done. Saturday the main event is the actual celebrity race as well as another night concert.  Sunday is the official Indy Grand Prix race so it's the day with the most buzz and excitement for real race fans.  Even if you're not a race fan this event is fun, there are a lot of people out, and between the music, food, and drinks you'll find something to entertain you.  The actual event was held this past weekend (ending today) so look for it next year around this time.  Ticket prices vary but if you're on a budget the best bet will be to go on Friday.   

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