Thursday, April 14, 2011

Historic Downtown Walking Tour

There is a group in LA called the Los Angeles Conservancy that works to preserve and educate about historic architectural and cultural resources in LA county.  According to it's website it was started in 1978 to conserve the LA Central Library and is now the largest local preservation group in the US.  One of the many cool things they do is historic walking tours on Saturday mornings.  Check out the schedule, there are different tours on different Saturday's of the month but the two most popular are the Historic Downtown tour and the Art Deco tour which are both held every Saturday.  Our intention was to take the historic downtown tour however we showed up a little late; a few minutes after 10 so we attached on to the Art Deco.  I had no idea what Art Deco meant or how to even identify Art Deco buildings but the tour guide was really awesome in explaining everything. 

The highlight of the tour was the Southern California Edison Building because we were actually able to go inside and also I think it really captured the essence of Art Deco. 

The Eastern Columbia Building was interesting as well which has now been turned into lofts.  Our tour guide actually said that Johnny Depp owns a penthouse on the top of the building but don't quote me on that.  In total we covered a good part of historic downtown which took about 2 1/2 hours.  I really recommend going on a tour if you want to see a different part of LA!  Tickets are $10 each or $5 if you become a member of the conservancy. 

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