Monday, April 18, 2011

Adamson House

My friend took me to the Adamson House in Malibu and to be truthful I didn't have that high of expectations.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  The Adamson house was built in 1930 by Stiles O. Clements who is a famous Los Angeles architect and a key figure in the LA art deco movement (see a few posts back for that story).  He built the house for Merritt and Rhoda Adamson.  Rhoda's parents once owned all of Malibu thus the Adamson House is built in the Malibu Lagoon and overlooks one of Southern California's best beaches.

We opted for the guided tour which is $7 and takes about an hour.  The tour starts with the history of the property and the families that own it. Once context is set, the tour moves to the house itself. The amazing thing about this house is its filled with decorative tile from Malibu Potteries, a short lived tile company owned by Rhoda's mother.

The bathrooms in particular are bright with cobalt blue tiles.  There are also two Persian rugs made completely out of tile.  The house is filled with its original furniture and books.  The whole experience is made more exciting because you know the background of how and why the house is there.  An interested fact is two of the children that lived in the house are still alive! If you like history, architecture, or just awesome beach views go to the Adamson House.  It will be a good time!

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