Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hansen Cakes

I stumbled across Hansen Cakes while visiting Little Ethiopia.  Walking by we saw amazing cakes in the display window.  The kind of cakes you would see on Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, etc.  So we went in and admired the cakes.  The wall was filled with pictures of celebrity endorsements and there were desks with consultants ready to assist us in our private cake ordering.  Fortunately, I'm not getting married so a cake tasting was not in order, however since  
my birthday was the next day I 
decided to get a couple of cupcakes.  
Besides, a friend had already gotten 
me a birthday cake the night before (thank you IO).  So we ventured from the show room to the bakery to find a marble chocolate-chip cupcake and a mini red velvet cupcake. In true birthday fashion I had them the next day with birthday candles  and all.  Super scrumptious I must say.  Usually I'm skeptical of places that have a bunch of celebrities on the wall but in this case I actually believe that all of them really love the cakes and endorse it.  The cakes (cupcakes) from this place are delish and I declare it a must taste in LA.  They have 3 locations: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles (little Ethiopia), and Tarzana.  Hours vary by location and they have a multitude of flavors.  I'm sure they can make whatever cake you can imagine.  For a price effective option I suggest the cupcakes.  $1 for a cupcake and .50 for a mini.  Great deal.  If you go, bring me a red velvet back :)

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