Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wurstkuche - Exotic Sausages

I found Wurstkuche through a few other blogs that mentioned the eatery and held it in high esteem.  The resturant is downtown in the heart of the arts district and is known for its exotic sausages. Wurstkuche only adds more personality to this already trendy neighborhood.  They serve sausages, Belgian fries with homemade dipping sausages, and have an array of of imported beers and gourmet soda.  The sausages are in 3 categories: classic, gourmet, and exotic. The classic sausages have the typical bratwurst, Italian, and vegetarian smoked apple sage.  The gourmet sausages get more interesting including Austin blues (hot and spicy tri-pepper and hardwood smoked pork), apricot and ginger )chicken and turkey, lamb casing), and Filipino marharlika (sweet pork, natural seasonings).  Lastly, and where it gets the most interesting is the exotic category.  Such sausages include Duck and Bacon with Jalapeno peppers, alligator and pork, smoked andouille sausage, Rabbit, veal, and pork seasoned with white wine. They have 21 sausages in total and range from $5.75 to $7.50. 

Grete and I shared the Duck and Bacon while Liz got the Rattlesnake and the Rabbit.  We also all split some fries.  The sausages were good all around. We couldn't really taste the duck but the bacon came through.  Liz enjoyed her sausages, both had a lot of flavor and non of the exotic meat had an off-taste. The most exciting thing about the meal was by far the bleu cheese walnut and bacon dipping sauce we had with the fries.  It was incredibly flavorful, after all what's not good when it has bacon in it?
The restaurant resembles a German beer hall.  You walk up to the counter to order and take your number back to the eating area.  If you didn't order a drink at the counter with your sausage there is a bar conveniently in the back.  You can also sit outside where there is great people watching.  All in all, this is a great place to have a meal or be adventurous and try some new meat!

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