Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Malo Cantina

Malo Cantina is a bar and restaurant in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.  They are known for their cocktails and small bites.  They have an extensive tequila list like any good cantina and a good happy hour bar. 

We went on a Thursday evening and arrived when they opened, there were already a few people sitting at the bar. It was dark in the bar and tequila lined the shelves behind the bartender.  They had a nice happy hour menu but it didn't include any of their signature drinks (typical of happy hour.)  Grete got a house margarita which was $5, regularly $9.  I got a drink called Angelina which has Gran Centenario Rosangel Tequila, Hibiscus, Fresh Lime Juice, topped with a Chili-Lime Rim.  The drink was good but the chili-lime rim threw me off.  The house margarita was much better than the specialty drink.  For our 2nd round we stuck to the margaritas.

We met some interesting people at the bar.  I guess that is to be expected in Silver Lake.  Lots of interesting conversation sitting at the bar, between the bartender and the other patrons you're guaranteed to get some good stories.  One thing that was recommended was the ground beef and pickle tacos which are on special for $2 during happy hour.  Everyone around us raved about them but unfortunately we were heading to dinner afterwards and didn't want to spoil it.  If you head there, please try these tacos and let me know how they are :)  

I'm impressed with the cantina's I've visited in LA.  This is just another example of a fun place to drink, with good food and unique drinks.  While I will pick the house margarita over the drink I had, I would try some of the other options on the cocktail menu.  When you visit Malo be prepared for good drinks and interesting people...in a good way :)

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