Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Original Farmers Market

The Original Famers Market is located on 3rd and Fairfax in Los Angeles, just south of the CBS studio.  It first opened in July 1934 and has become a landmark and major tourist attraction since. The market started when a dozen nearby farmers would park their trucks on a field to sell their fresh produce to local residents. The cost to rent the space was fifty cents per day.  Tourists soon discovered the impromptu Farmers Market, marveling at the array of fresh produce available even in mid-winter, and the Farmers Market grew into a more formal complex of produce stalls.  The crowd is now a mix of tourists licking ice cream cones and Hollywood locals who still come here to buy meats and produce.  It is also a destination for food enthusiats in search of the market's ethnic cuisines as well as its specialty food markets and prepard food stalls.  

Hollywood's famous have been going to the Farmers Market for years. Walt Disney sat at a Farmers Market table while he designed Disneyland, and it is said that James Dean ate breakfast here on September 30, 1955, shortly before getting into his Porsche and going for the last drive of his life. Today, groups of writers, directors and Hollywood executives gather for breakfast meetings, and not long ago, the Los Angeles Times listed the Farmers Market as the best place in Los Angeles to spot celebrities.

The Farmers Market features more than 100 restaurants, grocers and tourist shops, and draws more than 3 million visitors a year.  You can't go wrong taking some time out to visit the market!

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