Friday, July 1, 2011

Mikawaya - Mochi Ice Cream

Trader Joe's carries the yummiest Mochi Ice Cream Balls. If you don't know what mochi is, its a Japaneese Confection that is a ball of pounded sticky rice with an ice cream filling.  The company to take this dessert global is Mikawaya and they distribute it here in the US.  Mikawaya has been a pastry company since 1910 but only started mass making mochi in 1994.  They have a manufacturing facility in LA along with multiple retail stores.  While in Little Tokyo we went to one of the stores to get some fresh mochi.

It was a small store in a shopping center however they had many flavors of mochi and it was relatively cheap in price.  We all got different flavors and enjoyed the sticky, powdery, dessert.  If you're not near Little Tokyo you'll be glad to know it tastes just as good at Trader Joe's so you can go there and get some :)

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