Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hop Louie - Scorpion Bowl

Hop Louie is an old school Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. We went during the day and the purpose was to get a scorpion bowl. A scorpion bowl is an alcoholic concoction mainly served in Chinese restaurants. It contains fruit juice (typically orange and lemon juice), rum (usually a dark rum like Myers, or a Jamaican Gold rum), and brandy. Gin is frequently added to increase the strength of the drink. While the above ingredients can be pre-mixed together, a champagne "floater" is best added last.  Generally it is served in a large bowl with an umbrella, fruit and straws.

It was a Sunday and the actual bar did not open until evening so we sat at a table in the restaurant and had a the Scorpion Bowl. The waitress made the drink in the upstairs small bar area.  We ordered one because I expected it to be big.  The drink tasted like I imagined it would however was missing the grandeur I was looking for.  For this place to be known for its scorpion bowls something was missing.  Perhaps if we'd gone when the actual bar was open the experience would have been different but as it stands I was not impressed.

The atmosphere was laid back, with a few families eating Sunday afternoon meals.  It's definitely 60's style and from what I hear the food isn't that good.  I would only recommend going to this place if you go when the bar is actual open.  Maybe they will have actual scorpion bowls.

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