Monday, June 27, 2011

Taco Tuesday - The Fish Taco

I'm sure Taco Tuesday is a national thing.  I am also sure there are fish tacos everywhere.  But I don't think its as regular an event and as popular as in Southern California.  There are countless places that have taco specials on Tuesday, the trick is to find a place that is consistently good and a deal!  I've found that place....Hole Mole in Long Beach.  A friend introduced me to this place a little over a year ago.  I had no idea they had such an amazing array of taco's all day long for just $1.  They have carne, carnitas, pork, chicken, etc.  However they are best known for their ensanada style fish taco which is also only $1 on Tuesdays. 
I get 2 fish tacos and 1 carne taco, some chips, then load up on salsa.  It's best if you eat there but I usually take it home.  You can also add beans and rice for just .99.  It's a deal and it's great food.  Plus it gives you something to look for at the beginning of the week.  SO, tomorrow is Tuesday, my advice, go to your local taco eatery (if that happens to be Hole Mole that's even better) and grab some tacos.  If you've never had a fish taco you'll hopefully be surprised!!!

As a side note, they also sell the same tacos every night for $1 after 9.  In case you can't make it on Tuesday :)

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