Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Hungry Cat Raw Bar

The Hungry Cat was a hard bar to find.  It's address states it's on Vine street in Hollywood but there is no signage or indication that the bar exists from the street.  We had to get out of the car and look for it.  It is tucked into a pedestrian alley way that is between the old Borders and the Bed Bath and Beyond on the corner.  On top of that, there are 6 ft hedges that hide the restaurant.  I felt like I'd solved a mystery trying to find the place so I was ready for a cocktail, which is what I had come for!

Before we get to the drinks, the restaurant has incredible seafood and a raw bar.  We actually sat at the raw bar and saw the chef''s prepping the nights specials right in front of us.  It was really cool.  But we came for the drinks.  The cocktail menu isn't big.  they have 8 on the menu and a daily special.  The special that day was the Rumble so that's what Liz got.  I went for the Tigerlilly which has green tea-infused vodka, lemon, honey, tonic, blood orange.  The drinks are a bit pricey, mine was $13 but I figured having one wouldn't hurt my wallet too much.  After we ordered they brought oyster crackers (probably in anticipation of us ordering seafood), and the waiter briefly explained the menu, pointing out the small plates and the entrees.  Liz actually was swayed to get food so she ordered the cheese plate which had 5 cheeses, honeycomb, and almonds on it for $20.  Our drinks came and they looked quite festive.

My drink was bitter, I anticipated the blood orange would add sweetness however it was more like grapefruit juice.  Liz's drink was great however I don't remember what was actually in it since it was the special.  

The atmosphere was laid-back.  The restaurant was not crowded; it was still early in the evening.  The cheese platter was really good and more than enough to share.  The best part of the experience came when we got the bill.  The drinks were half off due to happy hour.  We were not told of happy hour so I was not expecting this at all.  At this price, the drinks are more than worth it. 

If you find yourself in Hollywood during happy hour sniff out The Hungry Cat.  You'll enjoy the cocktails and if you're hungry I'm sure the food is more than worth it as well :)

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