Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Angles Baseball Game

I know I've already done a post on a Dodgers Game but I'm also posting about an Angels game because it's an incredibly different experience.  You have to visit both stadiums, if for nothing else, just to compare and contrast the experiences.  LA vs. OC.  Angel's fans vs Dodgers fans.  They couldn't be farther apart.

We went to a Monday night game which is much quieter than any other night.  We sat along the 3rd base line and hoped for some foul balls.  Angels stadium is really tight on security.  The crowd is much less rowdy (than Dodgers), and it's more of a family atmosphere.  My favorite thing about the stadium is they have just about any kind of beer you can imagine.  I opted for a Blue Moon, but no matter what you want, one of the stands will have it.

The food, like many other places is expensive, and nothing else is too out of the ordinary.  Just a great place to take the family and see a ball game.  You can always find cheap last minute seats if need be!

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