Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shatto Lanes Bowling

I haven't been bowling in years. It's a pretty big past time back home in Milwaukee but I never really got into it. Shatto Lanes is a bowling alley in downtown LA near Koreatown that's pretty cool and cheap.  I had to check it out!

We went during the day on a week day and the alley was virtually empty.  There may have been one other group bowling.  It was $3.50 per person per game and $3.00 to rent shoes, a deal!  We picked out our balls and started our game. They were blasting Power 106 which was a great soundtrack for the atmosphere.  I've never been very good at bowling so I had a few gutter balls.  The game went fairly quickly.  Grete won, Liz came in 2nd, and I was last with a dismal score.  We decided to play another game since it went by so quickly. The 2nd game was more my pace and I actually won, but still with a pretty bad score.

The bowling alley is pretty old school.  Nothing fancy, but that's what makes is so enjoyable.  They have a bar that didn't open until 6 but their drinks are pretty cheap.
$4.00 cocktails!  We'll have to go back in the evening :)

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