Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NBC Universal Tour

There are a lot of studio lots in SoCal and a tour is necessary to get a feeling for the main industry in the city.  I have a friend that works at NBA Universal and was nice enought to take a few hours out of her day to give us a tour.  We arrived at the lot on a Monday morning and got passes curtosey of my friend.  We toured her office and some of the offices of the people that worked with her.  It was interestesting seeing some of their office swag: signed posters or original scripts from NBA shows.  Her boss had a signed picture of the Law and Order SVU cast which is one of my favorite shows.  After the office tour she took out a golf cart and took us on a tourn of the lot.  Although we were unable to go into any of the stages we saw the outside sets of the Desperate Housewives set and some of the Parenthood set.  After our tour we had lunch at Universal City Walk.

If you can get to one of the studios it will be worth it!

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