Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is a shopping district in Beverly Hills known for designer label and haute couture fashion. The name generally refers to a three-block long stretch of boutiques and shops.

The shopping district as presently constituted developed in the 1970s. The business district, which extends from Wilshire Boulevard to Santa Monica Boulevard, is an exclusive shopping district, but also a major tourist attraction. The "Rodeo Drive" business district also includes those businesses on the streets that lie for a few blocks in either direction. Some of the more famous retailers include: Girgio Armani, Tiffany's, Chanel, Cartier, Fendi, and Gucci.  There are also resturants with the same designer appeal as the stores.

Rodeo Drive is home to the single most expensive store in the world: Bijan.  You must make an appointment in advanced to shop there.  On a typical visit, Bijan's average customer spends $100,000 on men's fashions, which range from a $50 pair of socks to $15,000 suits.

I don't have to mention the pop culture presence of Rodeo Dr, most notably in the movie Pretty Women.  The famous store where Julia Roberts is snubbed is the women's clothing store, Boulmiche, located just a few steps west of Rodeo at 9501 Santa Monica Blvd. The hotel she and Richard Gere stayed at is the Beverly Wilshire which is at the south end of Rodeo. 

On a typical day you see more tourists on Rodeo than stars but occasionally you can spot a celebrity shopping in the area.  You will also usually see countless rare luxury cars such as an old Rolls Royce or limited edition Bentley. It's a fun place to take friends that are visiting or just people watch, but wouldn't recommend if you want to do some casual shopping.

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