Monday, August 1, 2011

Bar Chloe

It's not everyday that you run across a bar that shares your name.  Especially if your name is Chloe.  I just had to add Bar Chloe because I was so enamoured by its existence.  Even though I had been to a bar just around the corner, I did not see the big Chloe sign that marks Bar Chloe.

I found out about this bar when I was at another bar in LA.  A guy sitting at the bar next to me mentioned that he worked at Bar Chloe to the bartender.  I inquired and he invited me to come on one of the night's he was working.  A couple of weeks later I stopped in, only to find that particular bartender was not there.  Disappointed, but I decided to stay and at least get the Chloe cocktail that was on the menu online.  When I asked for the drink the bartender that night looked a bit puzzled.  I added that I saw it on the menu online to which he responded that menu is old and outdated in a rude tone.  Now I was really disappointed.  I then got a drink, I don't even remember the name of it, but at this point I didn't care.  If not for being with other people I would have just left. While they still had the Chloe burger, which did sound good from what was posted online but I had no desire at that point to try it.

I had high expectations for this bar, obviously because it shares my name, but also because the bartender I met was so nice. I would consider going back to see if the bartender is working and maybe have a different experience but as it stands now, I'm completely disappointed and uninterested in this bar.  Too bad, it had so much potential!

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