Thursday, May 19, 2011

UCLA Hammer Museum

I think I'm starting to like Art Museums. I'm still not one to spend all day there and analyze the art but at least I'm now enthused to be there which is a huge change from when I started this blog.  So, I was excited to visit the UCLA Hammer Museum.  Especially because it is free with a student ID!  I, like normal had not looked at the website ahead of time so was not familiar with the exhibits, however the front desk attendant was very helpful when we arrived.  She gave us multiple booklets on the museum and walked us through the exhibits on the map.  I was impressed with her enthusiasm and helpfulness.  Unfortunately, as she went though the exhibits she mentioned quite a few were closed for renovations and installations.

But something was going on that I had never seen at a museum!  An artist was doing an exhibit installation. Linn Meyers creates murals of lines which exhibit a matrix of predetermined circles.  She draws consecutive lines of color, creating rhythmic, repetitive patterns.  The end result is spectacular and we got to witness her work in progress.  After watching her for awhile we continued on our journey.

As I said before a few galleries were closed which included galleries 1 and 2.  We saw an exhibit by Roberto Cuoghi which was a series of self-portraits depicting himself as if he had been a different type of person or led a different life.  There was also a video exhibit from Danica Dakic which shows residents from a psychiatric hospital who put on Victorian masks and tell makeshift theater set against wallpaper depicting an oasis.  This is interesting but doesn't make sense unless you see it from the beginning, and even then you'll probably wonder what's going on. 

All in all, the visit left me filling unfulfilled.  If you make the trip to this museum I would make sure all of the galleries are open before going.  Check their calendar and go for a specific event to make it worth the trip.  Again, you can get in for free if you're a student and it's free for everyone on Thursdays.

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