Monday, May 16, 2011

Pete's Cafe and Bar - Bacon Blue Cheese Fries

I found this place on a bunch of Best Of lists which features their Blue Cheese Fries.  It was such an interesting concept I thought I had to try it.  This bar is in the heart of downtown, very close to the LA Art Walk (will be featured on another post).  I went on a warm weekday and sat outside.  It was quite entertaining because something was being filmed across the street so we sat and watched them film.  Unfortunately we couldn't really tell what it was, perhaps a music video or something.

Anyway, we ordered a couple of beers and of course the blue cheese fries, but for a little extra excitement I added bacon to make it bacon blue cheese fries...yum!  It was indeed yummy.  The sauce was creamy and the bacon added just enough salt. We weren't insanely hungry and they're not particularly good for you so we shared an order and it was just enough to satisfy us.  Like the famous dodger garlic fries its always nice to have an interesting twist on a classic favorite.  Definitely a good choice!

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